Paris, rue de l’Elysee, Sept.4th, 2018 Treffen des Beraters des französischen Präsidenten zu Europa mit dem IEM Vorsitzenden Meeting of Conceiller Europe adjoint with IEM head

Yesterday, the Conseiller Europe adjoint, Alexandre ADAM, of the Presidence de la Republique met with Stephan Werhahn, head of IEM, in Paris, Elysee Palace.

Both sides exchanged views on the future of Europe, i.e. the concept Confoederatio Europea * was introduced. They agreed that it is very important and urgent to build a strong pro-european platform not only in the next european election in May 2019, but for the future. The best way, to fight the populist movements would be to “get things done”, to agree fast and jointly on practical and useful measures for the youth and the citizens with good projects and european policy results, like Erasmus, Inter-Rail, language training and mutual opportunities to meet together and practice european cooperation.

The meeting was very cordially and the historic event of January, 22, 1963, the signature of the friendship treaties 55 years ago between Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer were rembered as a good example of practical and symbolic gestures to promote freedom and prosperity in Europe.

gez. Stephan Werhahn

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