We are at a Crossroad: democracies versus dictatorships

China’s leader Xi and Russia’s president Putin meet this week in Uzbekistan
In Uzbekistan, Xi and Putin will meet on the sidelines of the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization” summit. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi are also attending the summit.
Putin will seek support from China and other authoritarian regimes
Xi has sent one of his closest confidants to Russia in preparation for the talks with Putin. 
Li Zhanshu, the number three in China’s hierarchy, said in Moscow that the United States and NATO had threatened and cornered Russia on the “Ukraine issue.” 
Russia responded “as it needed to” and “retaliated to protect its core national interests,” he said. China fully understood this and supported Russia, he said.
China’s leader and Russia’s president want to talk at length about the war in Ukraine, according to Russia.
During the trip, the Chinese leader wants to underscore his vision of an alternative to the Western-led world order. This also has to do with the 20th Party Congress of the Communist Party in a month’s time. Xi lacks successes he could point to in order to justify being given a third term and proclaimed the mastermind of an entire era. 
It is now high time for all Western democracies and all countries of Europe, to reunite behind the US, the European Union and behind Ucrania.
This could get very tough and difficult and we as Europeans have to build one state, one democracy and one strong and united area. 
We have to build strategic , long term partnerships with all democratic countries in the world to defend our free and open minded way-of-life.

Stephan Werhahn, Chairman of the IEM

Ulrich Horstmann, Member of the Board of the IEM

Isabel Blümel, Member of the Board of the IEM


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