We did finish up our previous workshop of November 22, 2017. Main result: we will organize an initiative for "Regionalisation". First step is the next 5. Talk of Europe with the topic of "Regionalisation". What have the Regions Basque, Catalonia, Scotland, Venetia, Bavaria etc in common, what are the underlying reasons for the demand of more autonomy for these European regions.

On November 22nd 2017, we had talked about our vision and the role of IEM as a think tank and platform to influence public debate and represent the interest of all 500 Mio Europeans and of Europe in it's entirety, not only of the single states within a confederation.
The role of citizens, communities, regions, national states and Europe in it's entirety as a subsidiary state structure needs to be defined.
On December 15th 2017, we concluded to focus the role of the European Regions in the context of a subsidiary state structure of Europe.