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The "Institute Europe of Marketeconomy" (IEM) wants to be a compass (our logo) for the political and public discussion of the present and future of Europe (see attached document Re-thinking Europe).

Cornerstone of all thoughts is the diginity of humans in peace, freedom and wealth on this only planet earth.

The best expression of this European spirit we find in    and its critic


Leitbild & Aufgaben 

Das „Institut Europa der Marktwirtschaft“ (IEM) will ein Kompass (unser Logo) sein für den politischen und gesellschaftlichen Diskurs über die weitere Gestaltung ( siehe angefügtes Dokument Europa N.E.U. denken) Europa's. Mittelpunkt aller Überlegungen ist die Würde des Menschen in Frieden, Freiheit und Wohlstand auf dem einen Planeten Erde. Weiterlesen...

Das Beste, was es über den europäischen Geist gibt, finden wir in    und die Kritik


News | Nov. 24, 2019
Europa 2030 ? Prognosen sind schwer, weil es sich dabei bekanntlich um die Zukunft handelt.

Wie wird sich Europa im nächsten Jahrzehnt entwickeln? Zu befürchten ist ein weiterer Abstieg in die Bedeutungslosigkeit, zerrieben zwischen den politischen und ökonomischen Grossmächten USA, China, Russland und Migrations- und Digitalisierungstrends.. Historisch setzt sich ein zersetzender politischer und ökonomischer Niedergang fort, der seit 2007 der Eurokrise eingesetzt hat. Oder Europa rappelt sich endlich auf und bringt zu Ende, was 1950 hoffnungsvoll und zuversichtlich begann. Es bleibt spannend, aber nicht mehr lange.  Read more...

News | Nov. 5, 2019
Africa could move forward strongly with African Union

IEM also visited the West African Conference on Green energy and Economy in Accra Ghana. The obvious next steps forward after aid, trade and charity must be sustainable business relations between EU and AU. New concepts of the Social Market Economy were discussed. The meeting with Ghana’s Ex-president John Kufour was a true highlight, because this strong and very experienced politician is widely accepted all over the world, especially with former IMF- und German President Horst Köhler.  Read more...

News | Oct. 28, 2019
Mexico needs stability und digital innovations

Speeches and discussions took place in Guadalajara Mexico between entrepreneurs and bishops as a contribution for South America’s strife for new forms of economy and state. The IEM contribution was about the Social Market Economy in the 21st century.  Read more...

News | Aug. 28, 2019
Chicken game - whoever flinches first has lost. But if no one gives in, everyone loses.

How to make a soft Brexit possible - economically, a Brexit without an agreement would be a blow to especially Ireland, England and the entire European Union. Boris Johnson and his advisers firmly believe in a no-deal paradox: the more credibly the UK prepares for a no-deal farewell, the more likely it is to be prevented. The EU would then be prepared to amend the agreement in order to prevent the painful no deal. It is a classic game theoretical situation: the chicken game. Whoever flinches first has lost. But if no one gives in, everyone loses.  Read more...

News | July 23, 2019
Is Boris a „mad man“?

I do not think so. He is only wrong in his belief with the Brexit Great Britain would be „great again“. The situation of Great Britain is so confused and difficult to repair, that only a second referendum could clear the political compass. All the possible consequences of a potential „No-deal Brexit“ cannot be forseen , even the breaking away of Scotland, the down-turn of the financial industry in London and a totally new security situation in NATO and EU, see the conflict with Iran, is likely. I think we have to eventually regain the European partner England, may be first Scotland and then with another referendum. Europe has become more unstable again and needs to rebuild its strength and active decision making and state-building of Europe is more urgent than ever. Stephan Werhahn  Read more...

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