21. June 2019

Industry and general AI - the example autonomous driving and the business of mobility

“If the 20th century was about cars giving us independence, the 21st will be about autonomous vehicles giving us independence from cars” Save the Event in June 2019: eine IEM-Veranstaltung in Berlin zum Thema Industry and general AI -  the example autonomous driving and the business of mobility “We have a mission: empowering human potential, freeing up time for creativity and innovative thinking through artificial intelligence (AI). Companies not only have to reinvent their business models in the digital age. But the developments go far beyond: integrating machine reasoning and machine learning, we have to constantly challenge our current thinking on AI and on issues of global importance, such as the man-machine-relationship, the way societies deal with informa...
Registration deadline: 02. June 2019
Past events
28. Nov. 2018
10. Talk of Europe - EU-Außengrenzen: Schicksalsfrage für Europa?
Impulsgeber ca 20 min Dr. Erich Vad, Brigadegeneral a.D., danach Aussprache und Diskussion mit Speis & Trank   Unsere These lautet, dass der Fokus ...
17. Oct. 2018
9. Talk of Europe - Bayern als eine Region Europas
Inhaltlich geht es um die Rolle Bayerns als starke und vorbildliche Region Europas , mit unterschiedlicher Sichtweise über Regionen in Frankreich und Deu...
08. Oct. 2018
8. Talk of Europe - Bayern und die EU - leider abgesagt
die Veranstaltung fällt leider aus
19. June 2018
7. Talk of Europe - Ein Neustart für die Eurozone: Was ist zu tun?
Ein Neustart für die Eurozone: Was ist zu tun? Die Eurozone ist stabil – doch unter der Oberfläche brodelt es. Hohe Staatsverschuldung, zwisc...
03. June 2018
Global Female Leaders Summit 2018: „The Values of Leadership in Times of Transformation, Disruption and Artificial Intelligence”
It is our great pleasure to draw your attention to the upcoming 5th annual Global Female Leaders summit, the premier economic forum for female executives on 3...
17. April 2018
6. Talk of Europe New EU Energy Policy
Wir laden hiermit unsere Freunde und Interessierten ein zum    6. Talk of Europe   am Dienstag, den 17.4.2018, 18.30h zum Thema „Ne...
20. Feb. 2018
5. Talk of Europe: Regionalismus in der EU - Gründe und Lösungen
Better Off Alone? Separatism in Europe: What Are the Forces Driving Independence Movements?In Scotland, Flanders, Catalonia and northern Italy calls for great...